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If you hadn't heard, I took this site down because of the simple fact that everything nowdays is on social media. I was so wrong on that it isn't even funny. I got a TON of emails, and a few people I met in person who told me they really wanted to see the site return. With that, I have decided to bring it back. I have made a few minor changes, but it is still my belief, as it always has, to keep the site as simple as I can.


It is our goal here to let you remember, through these pages, the way things used to be from the good old days until current times.


Now, a little about me...

My name is Shawn, and I used to operate buses/trolleys/incline for the Port Authority. I was first assigned to the Ross Division as operator 9100. I joined the Authority in June of 1993, and had a wonderful career there. I also spent time at Collier and four well enjoyed years on the rails, and those four years were my absolute favorite! Something about being on the rails was the perfect fit for me!

Even though I am unfortunately no longer at the Authority, my love for Pittsburgh as a transit city will not die!

However, I am hoping to get back in transit, even possibly railroading... Maybe even where I was... Who knows what the future holds... One can hope!

In a effort to make this page unique, I am always hunting pictures of the following...


1- GMC RTS Buses

2- AM Generals

3- Colorful PCCS

4- Pittsburgh Railway's PCCs

5- Neoplan Pennliners

6- Any of our Regional Systems, such as NCATA, BCTA, WCTA, and so on...

And of course, the ill fated skybus at South Park, and whatever else that you care to contribute.

I'm not

As you can imagine, it's very easy to get modern day pictures... However, as this is a history driven site, old photos of things that aren't here any more are especially needed. Please feel free to contribute any old stuff you may have that you would like to share, and see your name appear on our credits page!


Just for fun, I thought I'd throw in the old PAT mascot... None other than PAT Polite!


Pittsburgh Transit awarded PA Destination of the Day October 18, 2001

Proudly earned in 2001

It was 1995...actually December of 95 when I started this website. It's hard to believe it's 25 years old!

Hopefully it will last another 25! I have much more planned in the works. The biggest updates usually occur on holidays...



I am going to now share some pages dedicated to EACH type of vehicle the Authority currently runs, that way you can simply click on each make and look at pictures. Here is the list...


Here are the retired vehicles we used to have. You can simply click on each one and you will be transported to the pictures gallery.


Now for some other pictures... There is a lot to explore, so have fun! I have mixed a lot of the bus and rail pictures here to make it so the other pages aren't so big!


One of my favorite thing in Pittsburgh transit was the "MOD" painted PCC cars of the 70's. I have had to make mulitple pages for these, and they are here below.


Pictures from other transit authorities that serve Pittsburgh. Unlike our friends at SEPTA, we do it by each individual county here...(For now)


Here's some more things, related to this page and other things in general...


Please feel free to tell me your comments.




Shawn Bennear
Shawn Bennear
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